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Feature Photos

 View from the lake

View from the lake

View from Main Patio


The House

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Studio Suite


Things to do ...

cycle, swim, sail, canoe, kayak, hike, golf...

All above activities are within 1-10 minutes from Waterlily

"We had a great vacation at Water Lily Lane! The kids had a great time hanging out at the beach and swimming off the motorized raft, sailing and fishing.

The Boutilier Family


Lake Activities


Water Lily Lane is situated on pristine Glen Lake and is an enjoyable and safe place to swim, sail and fish (up to 3 pound rainbow trout and 5 pound bass).  There is a grassy area at the beach and the water is shallow for safe swimming. There is some weed and lily pads in the area but they are only near the edge of the lake.  Take the 8 x 12 ft raft out onto the lake with lounge chairs and cruise to pick your own deep water place to enjoy the warm water and sunshine.


Walking and Hiking


You are only minutes away from the famous Galloping Goose Trail. An old train route that passes by Glen Lake. Visit the link to learn more about this extensive walking and biking trail.


It's a golfers paradise here


Golfing in the Victoria area is only minutes from the house. Olympic View and Royal Colwood are 10 minutes away and the newly opened Bear Mountain course is a 15 minute drive. The views from the course are amazing.


Kayaking the surf or local rivers

Photo of a kayaker riding a surf wave

Surf Kayaking at the mouth of Jordan River is so close. It's one of many local surf hot spots. ..and there are many river kayaking destinations within a few hours of Water Lily Lane


World Class Salmon Fishing


The west coast of Vancouver Island is world famous for Salmon and Halibut fishing. Many guided fishing tours are available within 90 minutes drive north of Water Lily Lane.


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